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Amazonian Butterflies

To make a purchase follow the following steps:

1- Choose all the desired products by entering the amount in the shopping cart and once finished click on add to shopping cart.

2- Attach your data, your address and indicate the payment method to calculate shipping costs. Then send your purchase order.

3- We will respond as soon as possible by sending your quote so that you can make your payment.

All prices are in American Dollars (USD).

The minimum order is equivalent to 100 American Dollars. outside of documents and shipping costs.

All orders must be paid in advance in order to be sent.

All species are dead, dissected and guaranteed with good quality asyou choose a1 or A- or A2, or A3 presented -unmounted , properly pakect classified. The size of the photograph does not indicate the current size of the insect, and the color may vary slightly due to the lighting of the photographic equipment.


Abbreviation: M = Male, F = Female, P = partner (M + F)

Degree of quality:
A1 = Perfect and without imperfections.
A1 / A- = Located between A1 and A-, a little defect or perfect.
A- = A bit of defect, but without affecting the overall appearance and can be repaired.
A2 = Damaged and can not be repaired.

A3=very Damage if to use more in jewerly as pieces not complete

Shipping and packaging
Shipping and packaging costs are according to the weight, once your order is placed we will weigh your package to know the shipping cost which will be detailed in your quote .

Expenses of Documents to export -SERFOR- transport guide
All wildlife product of Peru to export must have a transport guide issued by SERFOR (Ministry of Agriculture) this procedure has a minimum additional cost, this cost will be unique for any amount.



Payment methods:

We will charge an additional fee for processing and payment expenses and / or by bank transfer to our bank in Peru, everything will be detailed in your final quote

1.-  **Recomendado

You can pay using your PayPal account,. It is a secure method of payment. We will include a link to the PayPal online payment that will send you to the website to make payments when we send you the official pro-forma invoice by email.


You can pay with Wester Union with total confidence, you only have to pay the transfer fee in your locality in addition to the amount of the quote received.


3.- Bank transfer
We will charge you an additional fee of US $ 20 for processing fees for each order regardless of the amount. We will include information about our bank account so that you can make the payments when we send you the official pro-forma invoice by email. Once your purchase order is received online, we will send you an official pro-forma invoice by email depending on our available inventory balance of products. We will keep your product order for 7 days but this order will be automatically canceled when the deadline for payment has expired. Please do not reject any order. If this happens, we will not remarket with you. No further changes to the content of an online order will be made as much as possible in order not to delay the priority of your order. Thank you. Once the payment is received, all orders of insect species will be sent to you as soon as possible by EMS mail service. The species, in general, will be delivered to their destination after 7-15 days.

This website does not trade (sell or buy) any type of protected species in Peru or living insects.

You can write in Spanish or English, only two languages ​​accepted on this page.

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