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Amazonian Butterflies

Amazonian Butterflies

Amazonian Butterflies E.I.R.L. is a company dedicated to the sale and buy of dried butterflies and insects; butterflies frames wholesale , Equipment and supplies for their hunting, conservation and dissection; and we sell all of kind handicrafts made ​​from butterflies ( keychains, Jewerly, Furniture’s, Frames , and other articles). We also offer a special service of experimental tourism in the same natural habitat of butterflies.

Our company has all licenses and permits for hunting, gathering, selling and exporting the specimens available on this website, which were granted BY THE GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF FORESTRY AND WILDLIFE OF THE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE OF PERU. Therefore, we do not trade with protected specimens, whose hunting is prohibited under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

We have over 10 years experience in the field of butterflies, working seriously and responsibly, aimed to provide a quality product to our customers.


We are a company dedicated to the marketing and export of butterflies and dry insects, pictures with butterflies wholesale, and all kinds of crafts made of butterflies. Our company has all the licenses to legally export our products , we have more than 10 years of experiencia , we work seriousness and commitment to each of our customers, offering quality products with safe shipments and without delays.


Our vision is to become the largest distributor of butterflies and insects in Peru working in a sustainable manner with local collectors, supporting the legal and responsible collection of each specimen marketed by our company.
In the same way we want to be recognized for having the best quality in each of our products and thus have the confidence of all our customers.