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Amazonian Butterflies

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Amazonian Butterflies offers a specialized service for collectors, researchers and nature lovers. This will be a trip of recognition, observation and collection of specimens from our Peruvian jungle, one of the most important in the world for its great variety of invertebrates such as butterflies and insects.
Our company puts at your service packages of experiential tourism full of incredible experiences.

These tourist packages are not only for specialist researchers, but also for anyone who wants to have a trip full of very exciting experiences where they can have contact with nature, butterflies, insects, birds and all the vegetation.

We have scheduled tour packages for people interested in butterflies, insects, however we can design a custom tour package if you prefer focus on your interest, to almost all location into Peru.

Amazonian Butterflies has all the documents and permits and the necessary logistics to make your trip an unforgettable experience. We also have the most experienced and knowledgeable staff of this type of tourism. that will help them teach and guide to achieve their travel goals.

If you have any question please write us know it to us


Write us one month in advance to coordinate and make all the necessary preparations to wait for you and make your trip a pleasant trip.


Paquete 1 – Satipo – Lepidoptera




Paquete 2- Satipo – Insects